Folder : tis-filezilla/windows/x86
Build Date : 2024-04-17 21:32:21
Started by :     sfonteneau
Builded Version : 3.67.0
TaskID : f7da3c9e-411b-4773-bf9e-3dc6b75cb989
Git Commit Hash : d9c69e62580be3c940a6ce4c187184becb6a6dfd
Status : OK

VM List
Vm Name Result
LUTI update-package tis-filezilla/windows/x86 win7x86 OK
LUTI install tis-filezilla/windows/x86 win7x86 OK
LUTI install tis-filezilla/windows/x86 win10x86 OK
LUTI upgrade tis-filezilla/windows/x86 win7x86 OK
LUTI upgrade tis-filezilla/windows/x86 win10x86 OK

Filename Hash Result Detect List First uploader at virustotal
FileZilla_3.67.0_win32-setup.exe 82390bf669eea477f48c88ddf848f75639aa56600bc54815f561d69a4bc24fb7 OK [] False

Conf Luti
Conf Value
do_update_package True
do_install True
do_remove True
do_session_setup True
do_audit True
do_upgrade True
upgrade_with_custom_operand_version None
build_package True
upload_to_store True
retention_time 0
upload_files_to_virustotal True
virustotal_exclusion_regex None
virustotal_hash_allowlist []
virustotal_bypass_antivirus_list ['Rising']
wait_update_package_before_generating_vm True
update_package_dependencies []
force_template_update_package None
keywords_checklist ['filezilla client', 'filezilla']
run_with_psexec True
check_higher_version True
uninstallkey_timeout 120
preinstalled_package_list []
acceptable_audit_output -> OK
taskid_luti f7da3c9e-411b-4773-bf9e-3dc6b75cb989
commit d9c69e62580be3c940a6ce4c187184becb6a6dfd
folder_in_git_repo tis-filezilla/windows/x86

Control File
Conf Value
package tis-filezilla
version 3.67.0-6
architecture x86
section base
priority optional
name FileZilla Client
categories Utilities,System and network
maintainer WAPT Team,Tranquil IT,Jimmy PELÉ,Gaëtan SEGAT,Simon FONTENEAU
description FileZilla Client is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive graphical user interface.
maturity PROD
locale all
target_os windows
min_wapt_version 2.1
installed_size 29036544
impacted_process filezilla,fzputtygen,fzsftp
description_fr FileZilla Client est un client FTP, FTPS et SFTP multiplateforme rapide et fiable, doté de nombreuses fonctions utiles et d'une interface graphique intuitive
description_pl FileZilla Client to szybki i niezawodny, międzyplatformowy klient FTP, FTPS i SFTP z wieloma przydatnymi funkcjami i intuicyjnym graficznym interfejsem użytkownika
description_de FileZilla Client ist ein schneller und zuverlässiger plattformübergreifender FTP-, FTPS- und SFTP-Client mit vielen nützlichen Funktionen und einer intuitiven grafischen Benutzeroberfläche
description_es FileZilla Client es un cliente FTP, FTPS y SFTP multiplataforma, rápido y fiable, con muchas funciones útiles y una interfaz gráfica de usuario intuitiva
description_pt FileZilla Client é um rápido e fiável cliente FTP, FTPS e SFTP com muitas características úteis e uma interface gráfica de utilizador intuitiva
description_it FileZilla Client è un client FTP, FTPS e SFTP multipiattaforma, veloce e affidabile, con molte funzioni utili e un'interfaccia grafica intuitiva
description_nl FileZilla Client is een snelle en betrouwbare cross-platform FTP, FTPS en SFTP client met veel handige functies en een intuïtieve grafische gebruikersinterface
description_ru FileZilla Client - это быстрый и надежный кроссплатформенный FTP, FTPS и SFTP клиент с множеством полезных функций и интуитивно понятным графическим интерфейсом пользователя
editor Tim Kosse
keywords ftp,file,zilla,filezilla
licence GPLv2
min_os_version 6.1
icon_sha256sum 0f090aaabe4a844a718492ceb583ed9cb54b8ca8d4ca02a456becf46a6e1620d
signature None
filename None
size None
sourcespath /var/www/wapt-testing/working_luti_directory/tis-filezilla/windows/x86
localpath None
persistent_dir None