Folder : tis-obs-studio/windows
Build Date : 2024-03-23 22:24:54
Started by :     autobuild
Builded Version : 30.1.1
TaskID : 946c563a-79f8-47c0-bc8a-406111fb54f5
Git Commit Hash : 554270c4784702861734e05e6cae186e569ac26d
Status : OK

VM List
Vm Name Result
LUTI update-package tis-obs-studio/windows win10x64 OK
LUTI install tis-obs-studio/windows win10x64 OK
LUTI install tis-obs-studio/windows win11fr OK
LUTI upgrade tis-obs-studio/windows win10x64 OK
LUTI upgrade tis-obs-studio/windows win11fr OK

Filename Hash Result Detect List First uploader at virustotal
OBS-Studio-30.1.1-Full-Installer-x64.exe 37c0626f3b192de362223e1a800592e90c826a3936937c93aee69aaea6122be9 OK [] True

Conf Luti
Conf Value
do_update_package True
do_install True
do_remove True
do_session_setup True
do_audit True
do_upgrade True
upgrade_with_custom_operand_version None
build_package True
upload_to_store True
retention_time 2d
upload_files_to_virustotal True
virustotal_exclusion_regex None
virustotal_hash_allowlist []
virustotal_bypass_antivirus_list []
wait_update_package_before_generating_vm True
update_package_dependencies []
force_template_update_package None
keywords_checklist ['obs studio', 'obs-studio']
run_with_psexec True
check_higher_version True
uninstallkey_timeout 120
preinstalled_package_list []
acceptable_audit_output -> OK
taskid_luti 946c563a-79f8-47c0-bc8a-406111fb54f5
commit 554270c4784702861734e05e6cae186e569ac26d
folder_in_git_repo tis-obs-studio/windows

Control File
Conf Value
package tis-obs-studio
version 30.1.1-31
architecture x64
section base
priority optional
name OBS Studio
categories Media
maintainer WAPT Team,Tranquil IT,Jimmy PELÉ
description OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming
depends tis-vcredist
maturity PROD
locale all
target_os windows
min_wapt_version 2.1
installed_size 374389830
impacted_process obs-amf-test,obs-ffmpeg-mux,obs-nvenc-test,obs-qsv-test,obs64,obs-browser-page
description_fr OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) est un logiciel libre et open source d'enregistrement vidéo et de streaming en direct
description_pl OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) to darmowe i otwarte oprogramowanie do nagrywania wideo i transmisji na żywo
description_de OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) ist eine kostenlose und quelloffene Software für Videoaufnahmen und Live-Streaming
description_es OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) es un software gratuito y de código abierto para la grabación de vídeo y la transmisión en directo
description_pt OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) é um software gratuito e de código aberto para gravação de vídeo e transmissão ao vivo
description_it OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) è un software gratuito e open source per la registrazione video e lo streaming dal vivo
description_nl OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) is een gratis en open source software voor video-opname en live streaming
description_ru OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) - это бесплатное программное обеспечение с открытым исходным кодом для записи видео и потокового вещания
editor Hugh "Jim" Bailey
keywords record,recorder,obs,studio,project,video,recording,live,stream,streaming
licence opensource_free,cpe:/a:gnu:gpl_v2,wapt_public
min_os_version 10.0.17763
icon_sha256sum 37c0a997ee9e5811e6ffaa1c7ce580275ef6cdcb46b2a285ad124f2451742654
signature None
filename None
size None
sourcespath /var/www/wapt-testing/working_luti_directory/tis-obs-studio/windows
localpath None
persistent_dir None