Folder : tis-firefox-config-template/windows
Build Date : 2024-03-18 12:30:11
Started by :     jpele
Builded Version : 78.0
TaskID : 4421e2e3-cd60-40ba-9ea7-d41bf51941f7
Git Commit Hash : 88d016ac3b38d7317572e105818ee55d50181a1c
Status : OK

VM List
Vm Name Result
LUTI update-package tis-firefox-config-template/windows win7x64 OK
LUTI install tis-firefox-config-template/windows win7x64 OK
LUTI install tis-firefox-config-template/windows win7x86 OK
LUTI install tis-firefox-config-template/windows win10x64 OK
LUTI install tis-firefox-config-template/windows win10x86 OK
LUTI install tis-firefox-config-template/windows win11fr OK

Filename Hash Result Detect List First uploader at virustotal
policies.json e8acc464d1fd9805e4ba4c44ca95f77ec4f66ff0fda155404210e11960610515 OK [] False

Conf Luti
Conf Value
do_update_package True
do_install True
do_remove True
do_session_setup True
do_audit True
do_upgrade False
upgrade_with_custom_operand_version None
build_package True
upload_to_store True
retention_time 5d
upload_files_to_virustotal True
virustotal_exclusion_regex None
virustotal_hash_allowlist []
virustotal_bypass_antivirus_list ['']
wait_update_package_before_generating_vm True
update_package_dependencies []
force_template_update_package None
keywords_checklist []
run_with_psexec True
check_higher_version True
uninstallkey_timeout 120
preinstalled_package_list []
acceptable_audit_output -> OK
taskid_luti 4421e2e3-cd60-40ba-9ea7-d41bf51941f7
commit 88d016ac3b38d7317572e105818ee55d50181a1c
folder_in_git_repo tis-firefox-config-template/windows

Control File
Conf Value
package tis-firefox-config-template
version 78.0-10
architecture all
section base
priority optional
name Mozilla Firefox Configuration
categories System and network
maintainer WAPT Team,Tranquil IT,Jimmy PELÉ,Gaëtan SEGAT,Jordan ARNAUD
description Configuration for Mozilla Firefox - The package will not have any effect if an ADMX GPO for Firefox is applied
maturity PROD
locale all
target_os windows
min_wapt_version 2.5
impacted_process firefox
description_fr Configuration pour Mozilla Firefox - Le paquet n'aura aucun effet si une GPO ADMX pour Firefox est appliquée
description_pl Konfiguracja dla Mozilli Firefox - pakiet nie będzie miał żadnego wpływu, jeśli zastosowano ADMX GPO dla Firefoxa
description_de Konfiguration für Mozilla Firefox - Das Paket hat keine Auswirkungen, wenn ein ADMX GPO für Firefox angewendet wird
description_es Configuración para Mozilla Firefox - El paquete no tendrá ningún efecto si se aplica un GPO de ADMX para Firefox
description_pt Configuração para Mozilla Firefox - O pacote não terá qualquer efeito se for aplicado um ADMX GPO para Firefox
description_it Configurazione per Mozilla Firefox - Il pacchetto non avrà alcun effetto se viene applicato un GPO ADMX per Firefox
description_nl Configuratie voor Mozilla Firefox - Het pakket zal geen effect hebben als een ADMX GPO voor Firefox wordt toegepast
description_ru Конфигурация для Mozilla Firefox - Пакет не будет иметь никакого эффекта, если применяется ADMX GPO для Firefox
editor Mozilla Foundation
licence wapt_public
icon_sha256sum 0750ff4649741284d4b6140fbca1d53a7a3e41215d524181a139e761db490311
signer None
signer_fingerprint None
signature None
signature_date None
signed_attributes None
filename None
size None
sourcespath /var/www/wapt-testing/working_luti_directory/tis-firefox-config-template/windows
localpath None
persistent_dir None