Folder : tis-adoptium-openjdk8-jdk/mac
Build Date : 2024-04-25 12:10:20
Started by :     jpele
Builded Version : 8.0.412.8
TaskID : 18a163a4-cd90-4f6a-85c4-bc60c1aa1020
Git Commit Hash : 2b3534e82226ba809be4b09412147d949bc2aacb
Status : OK

VM List
Vm Name Result
LUTI update-package tis-adoptium-openjdk8-jdk/mac monterey OK
LUTI install tis-adoptium-openjdk8-jdk/mac monterey OK
LUTI install tis-adoptium-openjdk8-jdk/mac ventura OK
LUTI upgrade tis-adoptium-openjdk8-jdk/mac monterey OK
LUTI install tis-adoptium-openjdk8-jdk/mac bigsur OK
LUTI upgrade tis-adoptium-openjdk8-jdk/mac ventura OK
LUTI install tis-adoptium-openjdk8-jdk/mac mojave OK
LUTI upgrade tis-adoptium-openjdk8-jdk/mac bigsur OK
LUTI upgrade tis-adoptium-openjdk8-jdk/mac mojave OK

Filename Hash Result Detect List First uploader at virustotal
OpenJDK8U-jdk_x64_mac_hotspot_8u412b08.pkg d9815891463bdbc8e7489309ee3845a4f91415a8e0e5369f449474adca8b66d9 OK [] False

Conf Luti
Conf Value
do_update_package True
do_install True
do_remove True
do_session_setup True
do_audit True
do_upgrade True
upgrade_with_custom_operand_version None
build_package True
upload_to_store True
retention_time 5
upload_files_to_virustotal True
virustotal_exclusion_regex None
virustotal_hash_allowlist []
virustotal_bypass_antivirus_list []
wait_update_package_before_generating_vm True
update_package_dependencies []
force_template_update_package None
keywords_checklist ['net.temurin.8.jdk']
run_with_psexec True
check_higher_version True
uninstallkey_timeout 120
preinstalled_package_list []
acceptable_audit_output -> OK
taskid_luti 18a163a4-cd90-4f6a-85c4-bc60c1aa1020
commit 2b3534e82226ba809be4b09412147d949bc2aacb
folder_in_git_repo tis-adoptium-openjdk8-jdk/mac

Control File
Conf Value
package tis-adoptium-openjdk8-jdk
version 8.0.412.8-16
architecture x64
section base
priority optional
name Adoptium OpenJDK 8 JDK
categories System and network
maintainer WAPT Team,Tranquil IT,Jimmy PELÉ,Clément BAZIRET
description Eclipse Temurin (formerly Adoptium OpenJDK, formerly AdoptOpenJDK) with Hotspot is an open source Java SE build based upon OpenJDK
conflicts tis-adoptopenjdk8-jdk
maturity PROD
locale all
target_os mac
min_wapt_version 2.3
installed_size 201560138
impacted_process java,javaw,java-rmi,jabswitch,jjs
description_fr Eclipse Temurin (anciennement Adoptium OpenJDK, anciennement AdoptOpenJDK) avec Hotspot est une version open source de Java SE basée sur OpenJDK
description_pl Eclipse Temurin (dawniej Adoptium OpenJDK, dawniej AdoptOpenJDK) z Hotspotem to open source'owa kompilacja Java SE oparta na OpenJDK
description_de Eclipse Temurin (ehemals Adoptium OpenJDK, ehemals AdoptOpenJDK) mit Hotspot ist ein quelloffener Java SE Build, der auf OpenJDK basiert
description_es Eclipse Temurin (antes Adoptium OpenJDK, antes AdoptOpenJDK) con Hotspot es una compilación de Java SE de código abierto basada en OpenJDK
description_pt O Eclipse Temurin (anteriormente Adoptium OpenJDK, anteriormente AdoptOpenJDK) com Hotspot é uma compilação Java SE de código aberto baseada no OpenJDK
description_it Eclipse Temurin (ex Adoptium OpenJDK, ex AdoptOpenJDK) con Hotspot è una build open source di Java SE basata su OpenJDK
description_nl Eclipse Temurin (voorheen Adoptium OpenJDK, voorheen AdoptOpenJDK) met Hotspot is een open source Java SE build gebaseerd op OpenJDK
description_ru Eclipse Temurin (ранее Adoptium OpenJDK, ранее AdoptOpenJDK) с Hotspot - это сборка Java SE с открытым исходным кодом, основанная на OpenJDK
editor AdoptOpenJDK
keywords adopt,open,jdk,adoptopenjdk,java,jre
licence opensource_free,cpe:/a:gnu:gpl_v2,wapt_public
icon_sha256sum 841c3b8e2f19942f438049a68b7920c2a49eb3997fb991dc6b41f3a8f242d3a3
signature None
filename None
size None
sourcespath /var/www/wapt-testing/working_luti_directory/tis-adoptium-openjdk8-jdk/mac
localpath None
persistent_dir None